FINANCIAL HEALTH

Financial Health 

Finances seem to be one of the biggest factors controlling peoples lives today. The military requires you have a decent bit of financial health or you will get stuck with a crummy job. Stress levels go through the roof as the bank accounts empty and that stress causes all sorts of health issues, including depression. I've been there... not including my mortgage, over 50,000 in debt as a single father, child care expenses, no sleep, etc. The feeling of failure creeping in was not a fun thing, but I managed my way out of it with the Lord's help and now I can travel and pay for things with cash. 

I am not selling a "get rich" scheme, but I will write about holistic living in my blog, and this includes finances.

One of the most powerful tools in my financial health was cutting up my credit cards (whether business or personal). If I couldn't afford it in cash, it wasn't meant to be! I still had debt to pay off, but I was no longer COLLECTING more debt. Every payment I made was actually helping me get out of debt.